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Our aim is to help get the smaller producer noticed as well as enforce the web presence of better known producers and online retailers. We see ourselves as a kind of farmers market where instead of stalls there are links.

To this end we have included companies that offer mail order only and even those without a website as we feel its important that the little people are noticed too, and just because you dont offer e-commerce doesn't mean the web cant work for you- IT CAN.

We have deliberately left out the major retailers such as Tesco's Sainsburys etc. as these are already very well known.

The result of many hours bleary eyed surfing is UK Food Online, we hope it helps you track down that elusive ingredient or that fondly remembered bottle of wine or pint of beer.

As always if we have missed a site that you know and love, please let us know at
addons@ukfoodonline.co.uk and we will add them.

In loving memory of Florence Sandeman

Simon Crisp
UKFood Online

UK Food Online came into being after the editor became frustrated trying to find a particular brewery whilst helping with some research for another site, the excellent Recipes4Us.
After using a combination of six portals and search engines, the brewery was found, and an excellent site it proved to be. It the counter was to believed it had only had 930 visitors in 3 years! - the reason was obvious - it was so hard to find - so an idea was born which became UK Food Online.
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