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Top of the Page Banner Ads
Please note our banner ads are NOT rotating, and are on a first come first served basis. Once posted your ad stays in place for the length of the contracted period and is viewable 24hours a day.

Top page banner ad 486 x 60 pixels
£25 for 90 days per category page.
£50 for 30 days UK Food Online home page.

Instead of the simple text links on a listings page we offer two “Improve Your Profile” schemes.

Text Link +
£25 for a 6 month listing (per section).
Have an 80x80 pixel version of your logo right next to your current 2 line listing, which not only heightens your profile, but also increases the mount of space available for you to describe your products or services from the standard 2 lines to 5 lines.

£40 per 6 months listing (per section).
Make your site a Premier listed one. As the above standard listing, but moved to the top of the alphabetical listings.

To order contact us at