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Dukeshill Ham
online only
Traditionally cured Hams using the York and Wiltshire methods. OL
Grasmere Farm
online only
Smoked half and whole Hams. OL
Heal Farm
online only
Hams cured in the traditional Westcountry way. OL
Lords of Middleton
shop in Middleton, Manchester
Offer a variety of Gammons. OL
Northfield Farm
Cold Overton, Oakham, Rutland
Smoked or unsmoked Gammons, on or off the bone. OL
Puddledub Pork
online only
Offer a range of Gammons and Smoked Hams . OL
Red Poll Meats
online only
Unsmoked sweet cure Ham's and Gammon's on the bone and off. Also offer smoked treacle cured Ham and Gammon's. OL
Sandridge Farmhouse Bacon
Bromham, Chippenham, Wilts
Offer a range of Speciality Village hams, cured to local and family recipes. MO
The Country Victualler
online only
Producers of the award winning Alderton Ham. OL
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Hams and Gammons
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