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Deer 'n Dexter
Penrith, Cumbria
Vension from organically reared Red Deer. MO
Donald Russell Direct
online only
Offer Red and Roe Deer cuts and also offer cuts of Hare. OL
Douglas Willis
shops in Cwmbran, Gwent
Venison, Rabbit, Guinea Fowl, Pigeon, Partridge and Pheasant, fresh when in season. Also have blast frozen game making it available throughout the year. OL
Eversfield Organic
online only
Offer Pheasant either in braces or just breast meat and Venison either diced or fillets.. OL
Graig Farm Organics
online only
Sell farmed Red Deer Venison and wild Roe and Fallow deer vension.
Also sell farmed Wild Boar and wild Rabbit. OL
Highland Game
online only
Scottish Wild Vension. OL
Holme Farmed Venison
online only
Sell high quality Venison and game fresh in season. OL
Keevil & Keevil
Central Markets, Smithfield, London
Wild Boar Jumbo Quail, Wood Pigeon either whole or just the breasts, Squab Pigeon and Vension cuts from the online site of Smithfield Market's oldest and most established butchers shop. OL
Kezie Foods
online only
Red deer Venison, Wild Boar and Rabbit. OL
Llandinabo Farm Shop
Shop in Ledbury, Herefordshire
Sell seasonally available Wild Vension and Wild Rabbit. OL
Lords of Middleton
Shop in Middleton, Manchester
Offer wild Scottish Venison when in season. Also Wild Rabbit. OL
Macbeth's Butchers
Shop in Forres, Moray. Scotland
Sell various cuts of Venison, fresh when in season, frozen the rest of the year. OL
online only
Offer Venison, Wild Boar, Hare and Rabbit. OL
Pipers Farm
Shop in Magdalen Road, Exeter
Award winning producer offering Venison cuts from meat thats been hung for 2 weeks. OL
Radwinter Wild Game
online only
Rabbit and Venison, either as cuts or whole or more intriguingly as prepared burgers. OL
Red Poll Meats
online only
Offer cuts of farmed Fallow Deer from the Denham Estate. MO
Sillfield Farm
Farm Shop - Endmoor, Kendal, Cumbria
Finest Scottish Venison. OL
The Blackface Meat Company
online only
Venison from Roe, Red, Fallow and Sika Deer. OL
The Butchers At Darts Farm
shops at Darts Farm, Topsham and Ipplepen. Newton Abbot
Sell a range of Venison cuts.OL
The Carmichael Estate
online only
Farmed Red Deer Vension and offal. OL
The Real Boar Company
online only
Fantastic Wild boar products. Loin, Haunch and sausages as well as an all English Charcuterie range including the Gold medal winning English Wild Boar Salami. OL
The Wild Meat Company
online only
Award winning seasonal Wild Duck, Pheasant, Partridge, Woodcock, Hare as well as Wild Vension, Rabbit, Wood Pidgeon and Gunea Fowl available all year. OL
Willo Game
online only
Seasonally available Venison, Rabbit and Hare. OL
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To find out more about cuts of Venison and thier uses, click HERE for Guide to Cuts of Vension
The Blackface Meat Company