Allans of Auchterarder
shop in Auchterarder
Good range of prime Lamb cuts. OL
Allens of Mayfair
Top quality Lamb sourced from around the country. OL
Whole, half and a wide range of Lamb cuts from award winning Welsh butcher. OL
Chesnut Meats
Tarporley, Cheshire
Whole Texel Lambs and a meat making something of a comeback - whole Mutton. OL
Cloughbane Farm Foods
Pomeroy, Co.Tyrone, N.Ireland
Buy cuts of Lamb from a Great Taste Award winning Farm Quality Assured farm in Northern Ireland. OL
shops in Brampton, Carlisle, Hexham and Penrith
Offer prime cuts of Cumbrian Lamb. OL
Devon Rose Free range, naturally reared Sea Hills Lamb. OL
Small range of quality Lamb products. OL
Naturally reared Lamb in a variety of boxes or individual cuts. OL
Douglas Willis
shops in Cwmbran, Gwent
Good selection of Monmouthshire Lamb cuts. OL
Quality Welsh Lamb available from the whole Lamb to Lamb mince. OL
Buy Lamb from Llanwenog Sheep from a family farm. OL
Heal Farm
online only
Offer meat from old breeds such as Shetland, Ryeland and Southdown. OL
Buy a whole or half a Blackfaced Lamb. OL
Llandinabo Farm Shop
shop in Ledbury, Herfordshire
Lamb and Mutton from rare breed sheep. OL
Use Black Face Mountain Sheep in a variety of cuts. OL
Top quality Lamb cuts from local Scottish herds. OL
Marbled Meats
online only
Meat from Highlander x Primera lambs. MO
Meridian Meats
Shop in Eastgate, Louth
Home to the BBC's Young Butcher of the Year 2009 - Jim Sutcliffe offering cuts of local are rare breed Lamb. OL
Whole or sides of Lamb. OL
Naturally reared Lambs from a family run farm. MO
Slowly grown Lamb, hung for two weeks for a better flavour. OL
Meat from the Suffolk breed of Lambs. OL
Roaming Roosters
online only
Buy cuts from locally sourced cross bred Mule Lambs. OL
Somerset Farmhouse
Shop in North Street, Williton, Somerset
Exmoor Lamb sourced from local producers, matured on the bone for 7-10 days. OL
Taste Tradition Ltd
online only
Lamb shoulders and boned and rolled legs of Lamb. OL
Heather bred Scottish Blackface Lamb and Mutton. OL
The Butchers At Darts Farm
shops at Darts Farm, Topsham and Ipplepen. Newton Abbot
Sell Lamb from local Somerset flocks. OL
The Buffalo Farm
shops in Leven, Kennoway, Kirkcaldy and Edinburgh
Offer cuts of Jacob Lamb. OL
Meat from Texel tups. OL
The Lamb Man
Morpeth, Northumberland
The name says it all. Traditional Northumbrian Hill lamb from a family run farm. OL
The Thoughly Wild Meat Co. Award winning Somerset Salt Marsh Lamb available from June until December. MO
Yew Tree Farm Heritage Meats
online only
Herdwick Hoggat and Mutton from a farm in the Lake District. OL
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Lamb and Mutton
To find out more about cuts of Lamb and thier uses, click HERE for Guide to Cuts of Lamb