A Quarter Of
online only
Buy all your old favourites from an online sweet shop. OL
Border Tablet
online only
Makers of the traditional Scottish sweet. OL
Fergusons Chocolates
online only
Fergusons Chocolates, Scotland's oldest chocolate manufacturer (est.1794) produce old fashioned style specialist Scottish boiled sweets, such as Soor Plooms, Cinnamon balls and the infamous Hawick balls. OL
Gardiners of Scotland
online only
Huge range of traditional Scottish confectionery from a company that has been in the business since 1949. OL
Glickman's Confectionery
shop in London Road, Glasgow
Buy a range of confectionery from Glasgow's oldest sweetie shop. OL
Gordon & Durward
West High St, Crieff, Perthshire
Gordon and Durward offer a superb range of Scottish Confectionery, still made in traditional Copper Boilers. OL
Handy Candy
online only
Huge range of the old favourites and even offer hampers of sweets !! OL
Liquorice Heaven
online only
Name says it all, Dutch Liquorice specialist. OL
online only
Producers of the famous Jesmona Black Bullets, a traditional mint flavoured sweet. MO
Mount Fuji
online only
Japanese food specialist who sells Japanese Wagashi confectionery. OL
Mrs O'Malley's
online only
You could spend hours here trying to make a selection. OL
San Fransico Fudge Factory
shop in Abbey Green, Bath
Delicious handmade sweets including Turkish Delight with Pistachio.OL
Smith & Sinclair
online only
Pastilles strictly for adults. Why? Well because they are made with a high alcohol content, Flavours include Mixed Berry Daiquiri, Spiced Rum, Gin & Tonic and Whisky Sour. OL
online only
Remember Love Hearts? Drumsticks? Refreshers? Well why not buy direct from the people who make them. OL
Terra Rossa
online only
Assorted Jordanian sweets. OL
The Flying Chocolate
online only
Fancy a slab of Cadburys Dairy Milk or maybe you just want to stock up on Smarties. OL
The Art of Mallow
online only
Hand crafted gourmet marshmallows. OL
The Oldest Sweetshop
Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire
Buy all manner of sweets including masses of your old favourites from the oldest sweet shop in England, established in 1827!!. OL
Saint Valentines Liqourice
online only
If you a fan of the black stuff, then this sites a MUST. OL
Uncle Joe's Mint Balls
online only
Unique boiled sweet which is additive free, and has been made since 1898. OL
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