Algerian Coffee Stores
Shop in Compton Street, Soho, London
First opened in 1887. Have over a 80 different coffees from around the world. OL
Another Coffee
online only
Everything for your Coffee needs. OL
Beanies Coffee
online only
Offer flavoured whole bean coffee, whole bean decaf and flavoured instan coffee in a wide range of flavours. OL
Bettys by Post
online only
Although better known for their range of teas, also carry a good range of coffees. OL
Brian Wogan Limited
Shop in Bristol
Offer coffees from around the world including single origin, organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest. OL
Ca phe Vn
online only
High octane traditional Vietnamese Coffee; Buon Ma Thuot Premium, Dac Biet, Ca Phe Sua, Boun Ma Thout, Dalat Moka and ca phe chon - Weasel or Civet coffee, one of the worlds most expensive coffees. OL
Cherizena Coffee Beans
online only
Small family company with a very large range of different coffees and coffee essentials, including flavoured coffees. OL
Climpson & Sons
Café in Broadway Market. London
Superb quality coffee from one of London's finest coffee experiences. OL
Coffee Bean Shop
online only
Great range of Coffee's from around the world. Single origin, Blends, high/low/de caffinated and Espresso. OL
Coffee Buyer
online only
Anyone can buy coffee  online from Coffee Buyer, the UK's leading wholesale coffee supplier  with a wide range of products at the best prices. OL
Coffee Direct
online only
Impressive ranges of Coffee's (around 100) particularly Origin. Also blends and flavoured. OL
Coffee Royale
online only
Large selection of coffee and flavoured coffees available in differing grinds. OL
Coffee Select
online only
Offer a great selection of high quality coffees and coffee making equipment. OL
D J Miles & Co Ltd
online only
Sell a great range of of quality coffees; freshly ground, beans and instant. OL
Doppio Coffee
online only
With over 15 blends of coffee on offer from bold Italian espresso to single origin speciality coffee they should have something for everyone. OL
Dorset Coffee Company
online only
The world's finest beans, hand selected roasted and blended in the Frome valley. OL
Drury Tea and Coffee Co.
Retail shop in Covent Garden, London.
Family business established in 1936 and one of the first British coffee companies to roast beans for espresso. OL
Ferrari's Coffee
online only
Large range of Pure Estate, Fairtrade coffees. OL
online only
Huge range of coffees and coffee making equipment. OL
Grumpy Mule Coffee
online only
Multi taste award winners. Offer a range of high quality single origin coffees including organic ones. OL
Has Bean
online only
Huge range of African, American and Asian coffe beans, plus blends and green beans for home roasting. OL
James Gourmet Coffee Co.
online only
Offer some of the world's best coffees. OL
Johnsons Coffee
online only
The Johnson family have been roasting coffee since the early 1900's. A range of pure Arabia coffees from around the world. OL
Shop in Mill Road, Cambridge
Sell a wide variety of Italian coffees. OL
Paddy & Scott's
online only
Seriously good coffee from Suffolk. OL
Pumphrey's Coffee Centre
Grainger Market, Newcastle and Bridge Street, Blaydon-upon-Tyne
Extensive range of different coffees available in different grinds. OL
Real Coffee
online only
Wide range of origin, blended and green bean coffees. OL
Red Monkey Coffee
online only
Sell a wide range of coffees including green beans. OL
Ringtons Limited
online only
Large section of coffee available. OL
Roberts & Co.
online only
Company dates back to 1891 and have been coffee roasters since the 1930s. Extensive range of coffees and grinds. OL
Rogers Estate Coffees
online only
Gourmet coffee bean sourced from small coffee estates and farms, roasted and packaged in the UK for guaranteed freshness and quality. OL
Sea Island Coffee
online only
Sea Island Coffee imports and sells gourmet coffees from some of the finest, most exclusive coffee growing regions in the world. OL
Shelton Coffee
online only
Offer unique and innovative coffee products made from 100% Colombian beans such as Coffee Cubes. OL
Smith's Coffee Company
online only
Family business with over 60 years of experience. Huge selection of coffee. OL
Taylerson's Malmesbury Syrups
online only
Wide range of Coffee flavouring syrups including; Amaretto, Fine Vanilla, Cinnamon and Hazelnut from Britain's only artisan syrup makers. OL
The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.
online only
Roasting their own coffee for over 30 years. Sell a large range of high quality coffee. OL
The Malawi Coffee Shop
online only
A Sheffield based charity who raise funds for the people of Malawi by importing coffee from Malawi. OL
The Coffee Plant
Retail shop in Portobello Road, London
Buy direct from a coffee roaster with a huge range of roast's. OL
The Tea Junction
Castle Mall, Norwich
Offer a range that includes blended, Fairtrade, gourmet and pure coffees. OL
Thomsons Coffee
online only
Company that has been roasting coffee since 1841 offer a wide range of blended coffees and coffee beans including green beans. OL
Union Hand Roasted
online only
Great range of estate, blended, organic and Fairtrade coffees. OL
Whittard of Chelsea
Stores nationwide
World famous coffee and tea retailer. Huge range. OL
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