Avalon Vineyard
East Pennard, Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Produce organic fruit wines including Elderberry, Apple, Plum and Tayberry. Also produce an organic mead. OL
Bramley & Gage
online only
Makers of both Sloe and Damson Gin and a whole host of country wines. OL
Cairn o' Mohr
East Inchmichael. Perthshire
Scottish country wines, including Bramble, Strawberry and Oak leaf. OL
Celtic Country Wines
online only
Fruit wines and liqueurs made from ancient recipes using todays techniques. OL
Cornish Mead
online only
Been making Mead in Cornwall since 1959, have Mead Liqueur , Fruit Meads as well as the traditional wine. OL
Cwm Deri Vineyard
Martletwy, Pembrokeshire
Offer a range of country wines. OL
Henny & Joe's
online only
Use 100% natural ingredients to produce the finest and tastiest award winning chai infusion. OL
Highland Wineries
online only
Country Wines and Liqueurs including Moniack Sloe Liqueur and Moniack Mead, Whisky & Ginger Liqueur. Country wines include Silver Birch, Elderflower and Cherry. OL
Just Miniatures
online only
As the name suggests THE place to visit if you collect miniatures or want to send some as a gift. With a range of over 1200 different bottles your're bound to find something you want. OL
Lindisfarne Mead
Holy Island, Northumbria
Buy "The World's finest Mead" direct from St. Aidans winery on Holy Island. OL
Lurgashall Winery
Lurgashall, West Sussex
Large range of country wines such as Birch, Elderberry etc and Mead. OL
Monkhide Country Wines
online only
Award winning Country wines, spirits and liquers. OL
My Gineration
online only

Gin based steeped fruit liqueurs, flavours include; Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Damson, Elderberry and Passionfruit. OL
New Quay Honey Farm
New Quay, Ceredigion
Welsh Honey Meads either original or with added flavours such as Ginger, Blackberry or Apricot. OL
Sloeberry Spirits
online only
Award winning Sloe Gin, Whisky & Wild Damson and Vodka & Blackberry liqueurs . OL
Sloe Motion
online only
Sloe Heaven. Sloe Gin. Whisky, Rum, Vodka and Sloe Brandy. OL
The Lyme Bay Winery
Shute, Axminster, Devon
Sell a large range of country wines including Apricot, Cowslip, Damson and Elderflower. OL
The Orkney Wine Company
Lamb Holm, Orkney
Offer a range of interesting hand made wines made from local Orkney produce. OL
Yorkshire Country Wines
online only
Produce a range of traditional fruit wines including Elderberry, Blackberry, Damson, Cherry amost others. MO
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