online only
Based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil combined with herbs, spices, honey and citrus juices to produce superb marinades, drizzles and vinaigrettes. OL
Anila's Authentic Sauces
online only
Sauces based on authentic home based recipes. From Mild Korma to Hot Methi. OL
Atkin and Potts
online only
Chasseur, Kashmiri Korma, Harissa and Stroganoff sauces. Also have a wide range of coulis, table sauces, syrups glazes and desert sauces. OL
Chilli Bugs Hot Sauces
online only
Chilli sauces from America, the Caribbean, Mexico, South Africa, Costa Rica and the Far East and if you are serious about your chilli sauces, check out the x-rated section. Also offer a range of chilli snacks and confectionary. OL
Claire's Handmade
online only
Produce a Cumberland Sauce with Ruby Port. OL
Cottage Delight Ltd
online only
Very small range of hot sauces made from best quality spices. OL
Dr. Burnorium's Hot Sauce Emporium
online only
Not for the faint hearted, mind blowing and mouth numbing chilli sauces, and chilli extracts, the MILDEST of which rates 3 out of 10. OL
Fire Foods
online only
Offer a range of chilli based sauces including Firemite Sauce, a hot sauce that tastes just like Marmite. OL
Funky Pepper
online only
Specalise in quality chilli pepper sauces and snacks. Vast range to choose from including a Top 20 of the hottest sauces you can buy. OL
online only
For over a decade Geeta Samtami has been producing authentic tastes of India using the finest natural ingredients and recipes handed dwon through the generations, OL
online only
Sell a range of traditional Caribbean herbal pepper sauces. MO
online only
Offer a range of Chili sauces ranging from just hot to somethings that are tricky to describe mainly beacuse they take your breath away. OL
online only
Offer a range of mouthwatering marinades and stir fry sauces. OL
Le Mesurier
online only
Small range of high quality sauces. OL
Meah's Flavour of India
online only
Hand made Indian curry sauces. OL
Oi Cheepchaiissara's Thai Food Secrets
online only
Have a range of sweet chilli sauces and a range of classic Thai curry sauces. MO
Rafi's Spice Box
Shops in Sudbury and York
Comprehensive range of authentic Indian and Far Eastern curry mixes from mild to super hot. OL
Red Rascal
online only
Red Rascal is made from ripe tomatoes and fresh chillies. Produce a sweet chilli sauce and a sweet chilli ketchup. OL
Rose Cottage Country Kitchen
online only
Have a small range of interesting sauces; Spiced Plum, Nairnshire, Spiced Cranberry and Dark Choclate. OL
online only
Name says it all really. The UK largest online range of the very finest hot sauces, marinades, salsas, dressings, rubs, dips and relishes from around the world. OL
online only
Fun and easy to use curry kits made from fresh spices . OL
Stokes Sauces
online only
Offer Mustard & Dill, Sweet Chilli, Cocktail, Hoisin and Coronation sauces.. OL
St John & Dolly Smith
online only
Hot Tomato sauce and two sauces that need a little respect; Tomato & Scotch Bonnet and 'Old Nick' Scotch bonnet . OL
Taylerson's Malmesbury Syrups
online only
Wide range of Coffee and cooking syrups including; Amaretto, Fine Vanilla, Cinnamon and Hazelnut. OL
The Bay Tree Food Company
online only
Sell a range of Pasta and savoury sauces. OL
The Best of Taste Company
online only
Award winning range of handmade Fruit Coulis, flavours include; Apricot, Blackcurrant, Mango & Passionfruit, Raspberry and Summer Fruits. OL
The Chilli Pepper Company
online only
Some wickedly hot chilli sauces. OL
The Cornish Chilli Company
online only
Produce a range of chilli sauces including; Cornish Chilli, Gargoyle Chilli, Hells Mouth and Barracuda Rum & Coconut Hot Chilli. OL
The Curry Sauce Co
online only
Have a range of fresh Indian, and two Thai curry sauces. OL
The French Dressing Company
online only
Finest handmade dressings, a range of six including the award winning original No14 French Dressing. OL
The Westcountry Spice Company
online only
Sell a range of their organic gluten free own sauces and pastes including Green Thai Curry, Red Thai Curry, Tikka Masla and Madras. OL
Uncle Roy's
online only
Have a range of sauces including the Gold medal winning Moffat Dollop Tomato & Mustard and other award winners including Moffat Magic Mushroom & Mustard, Sonsie Sauce and Super Horseradish. OL
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