Black Mountains Smokery
online only
Offer smoked Gressingham Duck, Chicken breast, Goose breast and Quail. OL
MacDonalds Smoked Produce
online only
Smoked Chicken and Duck breast. OL
Port of Lancaster Smokehouse
West Quay, Glasson Dock, Lancaster
Produce smoked Chicken and Duck breasts. OL
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The Sweet Shop
Poultry & Game Birds
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Chicken - From whole chickens to chicken pieces Free Range Chicken
Organic Chicken Duck - Domestic not game
Free Range Duck Organic Duck
Game - Seasonal game birds Goose - All year round or just for xmas
Free Range Goose Organic Goose
Smoked - Smoked poultry and game birds Turkey - Includes Bronze Turkeys
Free Range Turkey Organic Turkey
OL - Online Shop MO - Mail Order only MOC - Mail Order no website
Smoked Poultry and Game Birds
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Need a recipe? -
Need a recipe? -