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Bristol Sweetmart
shop in St Marks Road, Bristol
Sell a huge range of spices and curry spices. OL
Cool Chile Co.
online only
A huge range of whole dried, powder and diced chile. OL
Curry Cuisine
online only
Growing range of freshly prepared Indian spice blends and a great idea for a present, filled spice boxes. OL
Hot Headz
online only
Dried whole, crushed or powdered Naga Jolokia Chillis. Also dried whole Habanero, Chipotle, Guajillo, Ancho, Pasilla, New Mexico and De Arbol Chillies. OL
Lupe Pinto's Deli
online only
Sell a range of chilli powders. OL
Seasoned Pioneers
online only
Large and varied range of spices, chillies and spice blends. OL
South Devon Chilli Farm
shop in Loddiswell, Devon
Dried and smoked chillies and a small but growing number of dried chillies. OL
online only
Fun and easy to use curry kits made from fresh spices . OL
online only
Offer a range of organic Spices including organic Vanilla Pods. OL
The Herb Table
online only
Have a good and varied selection of gound spices. OL
The Spice Shop
Blenheim Crescent, London W11
Astonishing range of spices and dried chilies. OL
online only
As you might have guessed by the name, your one stop shop for everything vanilla including Indian and Madagascan pods, Madagascan Vanilla extract's including alcohol free, paste and powder, Vanilla flavourings and oils. OL
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Herbs & Spices
Herbs FRESH - Including preserved in oil and fresh packed Herbs DRIED - Freeze dried or just dried
Spices DRIED - All you favourites are here includes dry chilli Spices FRESH - Fresh Chillies etc
OL - Online Shop MO - Mail Order only MOC - Mail Order no website
Dried Spices
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